The Fantastic Four #6, Sept. 1962

The Fantastic Four #6, Sept. 1962

Stan Lee & J. Kirby

This issue really lays the foundation for Namor’s eventual anti-hero status, where sometimes he’s a villain, but it’s mainly only because someone else tricks or mind controls him or something of that nature. It’s only fitting that the first of this long line of Sub-Mariner-abusers be Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom is flying around the ocean looking for Namor, while he’s teaching some dolphins to do a synchronized swimming routine. Doom convinces Namor that he should help him destroy the Fantastic Four by ¬†planting a very powerful magnetic rod in their building. When the Sub-Mariner gets into the building after planting the device, Doom pulls the ENTIRE BUILDING out of the ground and into space, intent on hurling it into the sun.

Namor screams something about being “betrayed” by Doom (I have no idea what he expected would happen), then launches himself out of a pool in the building to Doom’s spaceship that’s towing them. He encounters several of Doom’s traps, but defeats him after being hit with a large amount of electricity, apparently storing it “like an electric eel”, and shooting it back at Doom. Can Namor do that? Does he have fish powers? This is the first I’ve heard about it.

Man, Dr. Doom, what a badass. He takes the epic pointlessness of Carmen Sandiego, then goes a step further by throwing the whole fucking building into the sun. Just to kill one guy he used to hate in college. All supervillains should be looking at Dr. Fucking Doom for tips on how to be the greatest. On the other hand, if you’re a supervillain looking for tips on interior design, well, you need look no farther than Namor’s happenin’ pad. I want that jellyfish in a crystal ball thing!


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