The Fantastic Four #11, Feb. 1963

The Fantastic Four #11, Feb. 1963

Script: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby
Inking: Dick Ayers
Lettering: Art Simek


This is kind of a “filler” issue of Fantastic Four. It’s split into two half-“adventures”, the first one of which is just a way to answer a lot of fan mail without filling up the fan mail page. Can’t win ’em all, right?

The first half of the issue is just a day in the life of the FF, where they play with random children on the street, read fan mail, and discuss their backstories before they got super powers. The second story is still in the vein of the standard short sci-fi stories, with The Impossible Man, a weird green alien who comes to Earth and who can change his body into anything at all he chooses in a thought. Mr. Fantastic realizes the only way to defeat this all-powerful creature is if everyone just ignores him, and then he’ll get bored and leave… which is what happens.

That’s certainly a different sort of solution to this problem than you’d expect. Hell, nowadays in the Marvel universe, if the Impossible Man showed up there’d be a huge cross-title event where the world teams up to try and beat him. So there’s a point for Reed Richards.


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