Tales to Astonish #55, May 1964

Tales to Astonish #55, May 1964

Story by: Happy Stan Lee
Art by: Heroic Dick Ayers
Lettering by: Honest Art Simek

I just realized something… why doesn’t the Wasp have a mask or something like that? She just wears a little hood thing that covers up her hair, but her whole face is exposed all the time. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a “disguise”? Maybe there is a mask, she just doesn’t want to wear it because it’ll smear her makeup or something. Sigh…

The Human Top, the first villain to beat the hell out of Giant Man escapes from prison, and for some reason he can now spin around fast enough to do stupid air stuff which lets him fly. I thought the guy was just an ice skater who was very fast, what the hell happened in prison? This time the Top’s first move is to sneak into Giant Man’s house and steal his belt with all the shrinking/growth pills in them. The Top takes one of the growth pills and becomes… really big, obviously. He kidnaps the Wasp and leaves, forcing Giant Man to become Ant Man again (ANT MAN!!!) so he can escape his locked closet, with the help of his loyal ants, of course. A final showdown between the big, dumb superguys takes place and Giant Man wins the day.

This is a really weird panel. The Human Top was listening in on Hank and Jan do their usual “I hate you” flirting, and he apparently finds it “touching” and “heartwarming”. I just… I mean, the conversation literally ended with the Wasp threatening to cry. Maybe he’s being sarcastic? Like… sarcastic in a thought bubble to himself? That also kinda weird, isn’t it? Maybe there’s just something in their tone of voice that makes it seem sweeter than the dulcet tones of bitter hatred that I read it in.


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