The Fantastic Four Annual #2, 1964

The Fantastic Four Annual #2, 1964

Earth-Shaking Script by: Stan Lee
Breath-Taking Illustration by: Jack Kirby
Epoch-Making Delineation by: Chic Stone
No-Faking Lettering by: S. Rosen

A Stan Lee Story Spectacular!
A Jack Kirby Illustrative Idyll!
A Chic Stone Delineation Delight!
A Sam Rosen Lettering Landmark!

72 pages, and it’s all about Dr. Doom. Now that’s my kind of comic book. There are three stories in here, the first is the origin of Dr. Doom, the second is a reprint of Fantastic Four #5, Doom’s first encounter with the titular group, and the third is the return of Doom and his latest attempt to defeat Reed Richards… at a PARTY! BUM BUM BUMMMMM!!

Doom’s origin story is a weird one. He was born Victor Von Doom, a gypsy boy who’s mother was a witch and father had the name VON DOOM, so you know he’d have to turn out evil. The evil tyrant of Latveria had his father hunted down and eventually killed because he couldn’t heal the untreatable queen. This made Doom bitter, and he used his scientific skill, combined with the dark magic he learned from his mom’s possessions, to make money and fool rich people with his inventions. He gets a scholarship to State University in America, where he first meets Reed Richards and his roommate Ben Grimm (the Touchdown King!). After an experiment goes awry because Doom wouldn’t listen to Richards’ advice about his math, his face is horribly scarred, and he goes to study black magic with some monks in the Alps, who design the suit of metal armor and mask that he wears. And that’s why he’s evil. Because his name is VICTOR VON DOOM.

In the new adventure, Doom returns from space with the aid of Rama-Tut, who appears as Kang the Conquerer in the Avengers, and who is either Doom’s descendant or Doom himself, from either the future or past. Doom plans a party in Latveria for the Fantastic Four, where he drugs them with a berry juice that makes them see things that make them fight each other. Reed didn’t drink any of the juice because he’s a suspicious kinda guy, and he manages to calm everyone down so they can concentrate on fighting Doom. He challenges Doom to a match with some weapon that will make whoever has the most intellectual prowess die, and Doom wins! Triumphant, he walks off… but it was all an illusion caused by his own berry juice that he stupidly drank a toast with beforehand.

For being a Dr. Doom story, the party thing is kinda lame, but there’s still plenty of other great Doomisms throughout the annual which makes it worthwhile. Also, that whole thing with Rama-Tut possibly being the same man as Dr. Doom, just from a different time… well, that’s just fucking retarded. Not because of the time travel part (though actually yes, because of the time travel part), but because if they were the same person, at least one of them would know it, right? Plus, they’re like the same age. Really, Dr. Doom is at his dumbest in this story, but he still makes for a good villain.


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