The Fantastic Four #37, Apr. 1965

The Fantastic Four #37, Apr. 1965

Written by Marvel’s inimitable Stan Lee!
Drawn by Marvel’s unmatchable Jack Kirby!
Inked by Marvel’s impeccable Chic Stone!
Lettered by Marvel’s unbearable Artie Simek!

This issue deals with something I’ve had some trouble with for some time now. The bad guy has a girlfriend who obviously knows he’s evil and doesn’t like that, but she’s also apparently some sort of weak woman who can’t do anything about loving him. That’s a complicated relationship, but it’s actually kinda common in these 60’s comics. Was that just a thing back in the day? Was that something that people believed? I guess it’s really only Stan The Man who’s been writing these, but still, it has to be at least somewhat common for it to keep flying for as long as it has been. It’s just weird to realize that there are some common assumptions that don’t age well, and no matter how much we may connect to a story from another era, there are just some basic concepts that aren’t shared, which… does something. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Probably if I was less drinky this idea could be more than half-baked. Welp, let’s talk about comic books.

Wedding bells are close to ringing for Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl, but she’s troubled about something. Like all soon-to-be-married women, Sue Storm is fretting about the aliens who killed her father. Reed Richards, being a nerd who doesn’t understand basic personal interactions, decides that he needs to take his team to the Skrull planet and exact revenge for his fiancee’s father’s death. They go through some wormhole or other that Richards makes up, and when they land on the Skrull homeworld, they discover that their powers don’t work anymore!

They’re captured by a Skrull general named Morrat, who is a general to the king of the Skrulls, and who is betrothed to the princess who hates him. He decides to take out the Fantastic Four so he can somehow use that to leverage his way into power, but Mr. Fantastic fools him by using his “Power Ray” on the group so they regain their powers and save the day. For some reason, this Morrat guy thought that a thing called a Power Ray would kill people, instead of giving them powers. He’s kinda dumb, but it’s okay, because he ends up being killed by the king’s guard, and also he was the guy behind the whole plot with Sue’s dad! So everyone wins! Except the princess, who is very sad that the man she hated/loved is dead. BACK TO EARTH!!

There’s a letter in the back of this issue from a “Diosdado Macapagal, Jr.” In case you, like me, aren’t completely up on your Phillippino presidents from the 60’s, this is the son of Diosdado Macapagal, who has his own wikipedia page and everything. And he wanted to be in the Marvel fan club! That’s pretty cool.


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