The Fantastic Four #39, June 1965

The Fantastic Four #39, June 1965

Splendiforous story by: Stan Lee
Delectable drawings by: Jack Kirby
Delicious delineation by: Frank Ray
Laconic lettering by: Artie Simek

Man, this whole red suit thing is really working out well for Daredevil. This is only his second appearance with it, but first he’s fighting Sub-Mariner, and now Dr. Doom? Guess he’s finally graduating into the big leagues here.

The last we saw, the Fantastic Four were defeated by the Frightful Four and left to die on an island with an exploding “atomic Q bomb”. As they’re recovered by an American submarine, they discover a shocking fact… they’ve lost all their powers! Mr. Fantastic realizes the danger they’re in, so he tries to replicate their powers with his fantastic machines, and he… kinda gets it. Meanwhile, in Latveria, Dr. Doom is enjoying a magic act when the magician realizes that the monarch has been hypnotized (back in FF Annual #2) to believe that he’s defeated the Fantastic Four, but he actually hasn’t! Obviously, he’s pissed, and he probably feels a little silly that he hasn’t even like, checked the news to see if the team has been doing anything for the last half a year.

Doom flies out to the Baxter Building and immediately takes control while the Fantastic Four are out at an abandoned warehouse where they’re meeting their lawyer, Matt Murdock. Doom starts attacking his foes, giving Murdock the time to change into Daredevil, and help the powerless heroes out of their situation. Luckily Mr. Fantastic’s real power, his magnificent brain, is still perfectly intact, and he and Daredevil manage to get the situation more or less under control. Still, will it be enough to retake the Baxter Building from Dr. Doom’s clutches, since the Fantastic Four have no powers and Doom has all of Reed’s horribly destructive inventions?

Seriously, why does Mr. Fantastic have tornado cannons and heartbeat-seeking missiles and stuff just stored away in his house? He’s supposed to be a good guy, right? It’s not like he ever uses machines like that against bad guys, mostly he just has scanners and dimensional portals and shit like that, not weapons of mass destruction. He’s really just asking for some supervillain to come along and steal his shit… which… happens a lot, actually.


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