Daredevil #10, Oct. 1965

Daredevil #10, Oct. 1965

Exquisite editing by: Stan Lee
Lustrous layouts by: Bob Powell
Stunning script and art by: Wally Wood
Lots of lettering by: Artie Simek

This is… just the worst. They let Wally Wood write this issue, and nothing against the guy, but there’s a really good reason why this never happened again. At least I hope to god they had better sense than to let another mess like this happen.

A masked man called “the Organizer” starts “the Organization” which are made up of four crooks in animal costumes. There’s Frog Man (Frog le Blanc), Ape Man (Monk Keefer), Bird Man (Henry Hawk) and Cat Man (who’s name isn’t given, but it’s probably something like Cat Cattington). They use their super powers built into their costumes to make it look like they’re picking on the Reform Party, so as to drum up sympathy from the public towards the political third party.

Daredevil is always there every time they commit a crime, however, despite the fact that there’s no reason whatsoever for him to do this. He’s especially invested in the case because the Reform Party has nominated Foggy Nelson as district attorney, and all of a sudden Matt Murdock fucking hates his friend and wants him to fail, disguising it under the pretense of it “feeling wrong”.

I know it must’ve been exhausting for Stan Lee to write ten full-length comic books a month, but see what happens when he slacks off? You might be able to get away with that when it comes to Steve Ditko, but he actually had a really good grasp on how people interact with each other. This comic reads like a fifth grader’s fan script for Daredevil, with no concept of existing character traits or any sort of continuity. Again, nothing against Wally Wood, but this is fucking terrible.


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