The Fantastic Four #45, Dec. 1965

The Fantastic Four #45, Dec. 1965

Incredible story by Stan Lee!
Incomparable pencilling by Jack Kirby!
Invincible inking by Joe Sinnott!
Inevitable lettering by Artie Simek!

All right, now we’re introduced to the rest of the Inhumans, which are… pretty strange. There’s Medusa and Gorgon, which we already know, Black Bolt, the leader (who hasn’t revealed his power yet, so I won’t go into it), Karnak, a guy who can find the weak spot of anything and then karate chop it, Triton, who… is a fish guy? Something like that. Finally there’s Crystal, the hot girl Johnny Storm likes and who has some sort of nature powers, and Lockjaw, the giant teleporting dog who is the coolest character ever.

Dragon Man took off with Sue last issue, so Johnny follows to attempt a rescue. As it turns out, Sue’s domesticated the big weird animal thing, and they go back to the Baxter Building to make a nice little room for the monster. Johnny decides to take a break and wander the streets, where he sees a beautiful woman that makes his current girlfriend “look like a boy”. She disappears in a strange tornado, but that doesn’t keep the ol’ Horndog Torch away.

He follows the girl around until she sees him flame on, and he lies to her about being one of her “people”. Her name is Crystal, and she shows Johnny the secret underground lair of the Inhumans. Once Medusa and Gorgon notice him the jig is up, and he escapes long enough to call in the rest of the Fantastic Four.

I love Lockjaw. He’s such an insane idea, and he’s got Jack Kirby written all over him. I think he actually ends up being the member of the Inhumans that gets used the most, partly because he has an extremely handy super power, and partly because everybody loves dogs. That’s what it boils down to, right? Dogs are awesome, and only get more awesome when they’re huge and can teleport you through time and space.


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