Daredevil #11, Dec. 1965

Daredevil #11, Dec. 1965

Stan Lee, writer
Wally Wood, inker
Bobby Powell, penciler
Sammy Rosen, letterer

So last issue, Wally Wood decided to try his hand at writing and came up with the most complicated, obfusticated, terrible story ever. Obviously Stan the Man had to come back in here and do some serious damage control… and amazingly he made it kinda work. A lot of stuff happens in this issue, and they just flat-out ignore some of the things that happened in the last one, but yeah, he more or less salvaged the story.

The big question is who is the Organizer, and how is he involved with the Reform Party, the third party that has nominated Foggy Nelson for DA. They set a trap for the Organizer by telling the three honchos of the party that they have evidence who the Organizer is in their safe, and when it gets robbed they know for sure it’s one of those three guys. Daredevil finds one of his henchmen, Frog Man, knocks him out, then switches costumes with him. He returns to the Organizer’s hideout dressed as Frog Man and uses the costume’s built-in camera to broadcast the baddie to every TV in the city… for some reason. The cops come by, but the Organizer and his two remaining henchmen, Bird Man and Ape Man, get away.

The next day, Ape Man and Bird Man kidnap one of the candidates so they can take him to the Organizer, but they’re interrupted by Daredevil, who eventually manages to beat them. It turns out that the kidnappee was the Organizer all along, and Daredevil could tell because he forgot to take off his huge, gaudy gold ring when he was in disguise as the Organizer. You idiot.

Thank god this story got wrapped up, because it was really dumb. The idea of adding political intrigue into a Daredevil plot is not a bad one in theory, but there couldn’t have possibly been a worse application of it than in this story. Also, they advertise that the next issue is going to have a whole new storyline and a new artist. Ouch, guess Wally really fucked up. The art in this issue is great, just don’t let the dude write anything.


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