The Fantastic Four #46, Jan. 1966

The Fantastic Four #46, Jan. 1966

Story by our leader, Stan Lee
Illustrations by our idol, Jack Kirby
Inking by our star, Joe Sinnott
Lettering by our letterer, Artie Simek

More with the Inhumans. The first time I started reading through all these comics, I was really impressed by this Inhumans storyline just because it was so huge. I don’t remember exactly how many comics this one contiguous plot goes through, but it’s way more than anything else up to this point. And the Inhumans are a neat, if kinda weird, idea.

The issue starts with the Thing fighting Black Bolt, who seems to be just about a match for the rocky hero thanks to the little antenna on his head which gathers power for him somehow. Through the fight, Mr. Fantastic realizes that the Inhumans are just fighting back out of fear of someone named the Seeker, and they’re just trying to get away. Black Bolt makes a move which stuns Ben, but also uses up the rest of his power and the Inhumans make a break for it via Lockjaw.

When they get home, the Fantastic Four notice that someone stole Dragon Man, who they’d had locked up and tranquilized. They follow the huge robot’s trail and find the Seeker himself, who tells them that the Inhumans were another intelligent race from Earth that developed much faster than humans but were seriously outnumbered by them. His job is to find these runaway Inhumans and bring them back to the Great Refuge, where the species has been hiding out all these years. Dragon Man escapes and, in this attempt, accidentally kills Triton. Ah well, he was just a badly-developed character anyway.

One thing I don’t quite get is that the Seeker took Dragon Man because he thought he was an Inhuman. Doesn’t he know who the renegade Inhumans are that he’s seeking? Are there way more than just this one group? Does he just have no goddamn clue what he’s doing? Seems like a shitty way to run a railroad if you ask me, but he did kinda have to do it to advance the plot, so… whatever.


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