The Avengers #25, Feb. 1966

The Avengers #25, Feb. 1966

Stan Lee, writer!
Don Heck, penciller!
Dick Ayers, inker!
Sam Rosen, letterer!

Haven’t seen good ol’ Dr. Doom in a while, and hey, this is his first time fighting the Avengers! As always, Doom is a little disappointing when he’s not against the Fantastic Four, but that’s mostly because he’s always the absolute best when he’s against his arch-foe RICHAAAARDS! He never cares about anyone else enough to truly be villainous about it.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver get a letter from Latveria telling them that they have a long-lost aunt living there and that they aren’t really orphans after all! The Avengers pack up and head to the small European country, and it isn’t until after they’re arrested there that they realize the country is run by Dr. Doom and this whole thing was an obvious setup.

The team confronts Doom and manages to make him retreat, having underestimated them. They hide out in a cave for a couple minutes, but can’t get out of the country because Doom has encased it in a giant dome. Having nothing else to do, they go back and fight Doom again, this time using the control to open the dome and leaving the villain sneezing with one of Hawkeye’s goofy arrows.

Yep, they beat Dr. Doom, and it wasn’t really all that hard. Mostly because Doom underestimated them and just wanted to destroy them as a way to get a message to the Fantastic Four that he… I dunno, kills superheroes or something. I don’t think he really thought any of this plan through. I do like the big dome he can erect around the country, though, that’s a pretty Dr. Doomish thing to have.


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