Daredevil #13, Feb. 1966

Daredevil #13, Feb. 1966

Dastardly story by: Stan Lee
Demoniac layouts by: Jack Kirby
Devastating artwork by: John Romita
Dilapidated lettering by: Sam Rosen

Oh Daredevil, bringing you all the twists and turns that nobody ever asked for or were interested in. Did you know that Ka-Zar’s real name is Kevin Plunder, and that he’s the brother of the evil pirate Parnival Plunder, also known as the Plunderer? Apparently that’s the case! How stupid is that!

Daredevil, blind and in a cave, is set upon by a big ugly caveman guy. Unable to use his radar sense and pretty seriously outmatched in the strength department, Daredevil fights for his life until the Plunderer comes along and shoots the caveman, scaring him away. Meanwhile, Ka-Zar and Zabu fight off an attacking plant so they can get the Ju-Ju berries which will heal Daredevil’s powers. When they get back to their cave, the Plunderer tells Ka-Zar that they’re brothers, and to prove it they both pull out half of an amulet which their father gave them. The Plunderer cages Ka-Zar and takes him and Daredevil back to his castle in England.

Hoping Daredevil will be able to get the amulet from Ka-Zar, he throws them both in a pit together and watches them fight. Once again, the jungle man has changed his mind about how he feels about Daredevil and isn’t in the mood to cooperate until DD knocks out the Plunderer and helps Ka-Zar out of the hole. They’re accosted first by the Plunderer’s first mate, and then by his butler, Feepers, but they manage to get away from both of them and escape the castle. Being a civic-minded villain, Parnival Plunder calls the police and tells them that there are two weird-looking murderers on the loose.

The reason everyone is after this medallion is because it’s made of this substance that destroys metal when it’s struck, and which is the key to a safe containing a big ol’ pile of the stuff. They didn’t give it a name, but I don’t think it’s vibranium, another similar made-up element that they end up using all over the place in the Marvel universe. That won’t come until the Fantastic Four meet the Black Panther, which actually I don’t think is that far off, so who knows.


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