Tales to Astonish #77, Mar. 1966

tta077Tales to Astonish #77, Mar. 1966

Stan Lee, writer
Gene Colan, penciller
Vince Colletta, inker
Sam Rosen, letterer

Script by: Stan Lee!
Layouts by: Jack Kirby!
Pencilling & Inking by: Johnny Romita!
Lettering by: Sam Rosen!


Namor gets a special guest star in this issue, Hank Pym, the asshole scientist also known as Ant Man! Or… Giant Man. Whatever you call him, he’s still the single thing I hate more than anything else in the world and my bile just rises knowing that he’s still around. After his “retirement” almost a year ago, there’s been a wonderful reprieve from the inept adventures of Hank Pym, but he just had to come back, didn’t he? DIDN’T HE?!

Now that the Sub-Mariner’s got Atlantis all situated and back in his capable hands, he decides to leave immediately and go back to fighting the surface worlders over random things that he decides are offensive to him. He starts with a giant underwater drill that caused an earthquake in Atlantis which is being driven by Hank Pym. He breaks the thing and easily gets past the platoon of guards around it and threatens to beat up Pym unless he tells him what’s going on.

Meanwhile, in the distant future, the Hulk is fighting the Executioner over… well, I don’t think there’s really a reason for it except that the Hulk is just really into fighting. He saves a town from being blown up by the evil Asgardian, then disappears before the ungrateful villagers can attack the Hulk for saving them. In ordinary times, the pressure is getting to Rick Jones and he finally spills the beans about the Hulk and Bruce Banner being the same guy. After all, they’re both dead, aren’t they?

And with that the Hulk’s pointless adventure into the future comes to an equally pointless end. Still, at least one interesting thing happened: Major Talbot now knows of the Hulk’s true identity, and he used to be one of his biggest enemies as far as calling Banner a dirty commie spy goes.



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