Thor #126, Mar. 1966

thor126Thor #126, Mar. 1966

Stan Lee, the literary lion!
Jack Kirby, the pencilling pussycat!
V. Colletta, the delineating dragon!
Artie Simek, the lettering looks it!

Script: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby
Inking: V. Colletta
Lettering: Artie Simek


Wow, it’s been a long-ass time since I wrote on this site, over a year in fact! Let’s see if I remember just what it was I was supposed to be doing… Well, this is the first issue of Thor, since they renamed Journey Into Mystery with this issue. Why? Because when was the last time you ever saw Thor solving a mystery? The dude isn’t exactly Sherlock Holmes. Also, they’d been calling it Thor for a while, and it’s been almost three years since there was any non-Thor stuff in the mag.

The feature story is almost entirely the fight between Hercules and Thor, supposedly over the affections of Jane Foster, but really it’s just because Hercules really likes fighting and Thor doesn’t like that Hercules really likes fighting, but refuses to give up. As punishment for escaping Asgard last issue (after Odin ordered that everybody kill Thor), Odin zaps Thor so he’s at half strength again. Of course this happens at the end of the fight, and Herc finally gets an edge over the thunder god. Defeated, Thor gets all depressed and whiny, and despite the fact that Jane doesn’t care if he lost or not, he declares that he’s no longer worthy of her love because he’s a prideful guy and wanders off into the sunset. Meanwhile, Hercules gets a deal as a Hollywood actor with all the babes and legs of mutton he can eat! Gotta love Hercules.

In Tales of Asgard, Thor goes to rescue Loki from the queen of the flying trolls, and she agrees to let him go if Thor agrees to be her king… FOREVER!! Could be worse, I guess, but Odin intervenes and the two brothers fly back to the Odinship in time to watch Volstagg fall down and claim to be amazing. Also, Odin appears and tells everybody to come back home because the feature just isn’t doing that good and maybe they should all just wrap it up.

I actually don’t know if this is getting to the end of Tales of Asgard, but I sure hope it is. By god has that thing overstayed its welcome. Basically it just feels like an extra ten pages that are being robbed from the feature story, which is 100% of the time much, much better. And on another note, will this be the only comic book I read and review in 2014? COULD BE!! I HOPE NOT THOUGH!!!



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