Daredevil #14, Mar. 1966

dd014Daredevil #14, Mar. 1966

Story… Stan Lee
Pencilling… John Romita
Inking… Frankie Ray
Lettering… Artie Simek


Ugh, I had forgotten just how bad Daredevil was over the last year when I hadn’t been reading comics. I mean, when your guest star is Ka-Zar and he completely overshadows your main character despite not actually doing anything all issue, you’ve got something really bad going on.

So Ka-Zar and the Plunderer are long lost brothers, and they each have half of a medallion which will unlock great power etc etc. The Plunderer immediately gets the other half of his medallion (and disposes of his backstabbing butler Feepers), then cracks open his prize, a much larger version of the same stone which can vibrate and destroy weapons. Since he’s the Plunderer, he calls it the “plunder stone” and makes it into a disintegration ray. Also he makes a really dumb costume for himself.

The Plunderer takes his pirate crew to a missile base where he easily takes over because only they have guns that work, and are about to shoot missiles off into everywhere when Daredevil FINALLY decides to do something productive and stops him. With his super-hearing he can tell that the guns the Plunderer’s flunkies use are made out of plastic, and tells the army that his ray doesn’t work on plastic stuff. It’s a good thing this is still the 60’s, and not everything everywhere is made out of plastic yet. With this revelation, Daredevil handily defeats the ridiculous villain, and convinces him to tell the cops that Ka-Zar isn’t guilty of murder after all. Foggy and Karen came all the way to England to defend the brute in court, but it turns out it was all for nothing, and basically it was just a way for Matt Murdoch to get a ride home. Lazy superhero.

I have it on pretty good authority that guns made entirely of plastic wouldn’t work, but I’m more concerned with this vibrating stone that only destroys weapons. What the fuck is that thing, and if its been trapped in a concrete dome that can only be cracked by a smaller part of itself, why did it not crack the thing open simply by the virtue of it being itself? That doesn’t make any fucking sense, c’mon Stan.



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