Why Comics in Boxes? Well, because I’m writing a book. I’ve been “writing” this “book” for at least a couple years. My idea is to read through every Marvel superhero comic from 1961 (when Fantastic Four #1 came out) to 1969, then write about the themes and characters in that time frame.

So, that’s my plan. I had a different method of taking notes before, but I don’t feel that it’s very helpful, going back on it now. If I just do a review of each issue and note down what happens in it as I go along, and tag useful things like characters and teams, then this should work significantly better.

Oh, and don’t worry about the ratings, it’s completely subjective and based entirely off of personal taste, and unless I specifically mention otherwise, my ratings are not intended to encourage or discourage you from reading anything. They’re just to remind me how much I liked it.

If you’re interested, here’s a graphical depiction of my current goal: All the Marvel superhero comics printed in the 60’s! Time increases the further down you go, and each column represents a different magazine. The dark grey areas denote no issues, and the white/light grey areas are times when that comic was printed. The yellow areas are comics I’ve already read and reviewed (updated whenever I remember/care to).


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