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The Avengers #26, Mar. 1966

aven026The Avengers #26, Mar. 1966

Incredible script by: Stan Lee
Inconceivable art by: Don Heck
Indescribable inking by: Frank Ray
Indelible lettering by: Artie Simek


Wow, way to follow up a fight with Dr. Doom, you bring back Attuma, idiot of the deep, and the Wasp to boot. I think this is the story that eventually leads to Wasp and Giant Man rejoining the Avengers, and that fuckin’ sucks. I hate them so much, and they’re part of the reason I hate Attuma so much. The dude was once beaten by Giant Man just because all he did was change size in front of the underwater overlord and it freaked him out. Attuma is the worst.

The Wasp is on her way to warn the Avengers about the run-in she and Hank had with Namor inĀ Tales to Astonish #77, but during one of her rests on the ocean she’s captured by a big dumb machine operated by the big dumb Attuma. He thinks she must be a spy, there to sabotage his machine that is slowly raising the tides of all the oceans in the world. She escapes and warns the Avengers, and they all head down there to help her, except for Hawkeye, who’s too busy showing off his Avengers ring to a bunch of girls in a bar. Oh Hawkeye, you scamp.

The Avengers are quickly beaten by Attuma because the atmosphere in his underwater ship is hard for them to breathe. Apparently Attuma’s men think it wasn’t fair, so he releases them, gives them air helmets, then fights them again. Basically the same thing happens again, except this time they let water into the room and obviously the Atlantean has no problem fighting while underwater.

So, at one point Attuma says that the Wasp is there to sabotage his water-making machine, then later when Quicksilver tries to find it to blow it up, he claims that it’s nowhere near where they are now. SO WHY DID YOU THINK SHE WAS THERE TO SABOTAGE YOU, YOU FUCK?! Also, why do Attuma’s men complain about him beating them in humid, hard-to-breathe air, but not about them being clearly much more hindered while fighting underwater? This whole thing is a bunch of crap if you ask me.



The Avengers #25, Feb. 1966

The Avengers #25, Feb. 1966

Stan Lee, writer!
Don Heck, penciller!
Dick Ayers, inker!
Sam Rosen, letterer!

Haven’t seen good ol’ Dr. Doom in a while, and hey, this is his first time fighting the Avengers! As always, Doom is a little disappointing when he’s not against the Fantastic Four, but that’s mostly because he’s always the absolute best when he’s against his arch-foe RICHAAAARDS! He never cares about anyone else enough to truly be villainous about it.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver get a letter from Latveria telling them that they have a long-lost aunt living there and that they aren’t really orphans after all! The Avengers pack up and head to the small European country, and it isn’t until after they’re arrested there that they realize the country is run by Dr. Doom and this whole thing was an obvious setup.

The team confronts Doom and manages to make him retreat, having underestimated them. They hide out in a cave for a couple minutes, but can’t get out of the country because Doom has encased it in a giant dome. Having nothing else to do, they go back and fight Doom again, this time using the control to open the dome and leaving the villain sneezing with one of Hawkeye’s goofy arrows.

Yep, they beat Dr. Doom, and it wasn’t really all that hard. Mostly because Doom underestimated them and just wanted to destroy them as a way to get a message to the Fantastic Four that he… I dunno, kills superheroes or something. I don’t think he really thought any of this plan through. I do like the big dome he can erect around the country, though, that’s a pretty Dr. Doomish thing to have.

The Avengers #24, Jan. 1966

The Avengers #24, Jan. 1966

Stan Lee, writer
Don Heck, penciller
Dick Ayers, inker
Artie Simek, letterer

The second part of this story where the Avengers go to the future and hang out with Kang the Conqueror is… pretty strange. Especially since most of it is this weird deal with Kang wanting to marry this princess, and it’s all very classical fantasy… with one of the guys in a big dumb purple space mask.

The Avengers are teamed up with Princess Ravonna and her few loyal soldiers against Kang and his invincible conquering armies. Unfortunately, Kang has more power at his disposal, and he manages to win. He imprisons the heroes and forces Ravonna to marry him… BUT! Kang’s own rules require that all existing royalty be killed when he takes over a new kingdom, and his men don’t like that he’s not following that rule. They rebel against the supervillain and… well, fail. Pretty miserably.

Kang appears to have turned over a new leaf, and asks the Avengers to help him save the life of Ravonna, and in exchange, he’ll send them back to their time. They succeed and defeat Kang’s usurping army and the Avengers get sent back to the 60’s… just in time to miss one last assassin try to shoot Kang and accidentally kill Ravonna. Guess Kang isn’t going to be reformed anytime soon…

The Avengers themselves do almost nothing in this issue, and instead we get this weird medieval drama between the villain (who kinda becomes a hero) and this nondescript princess with no character who dies so it doesn’t really end up mattering. Ah well, they can’t all be winners. They aren’t the All-Winners Squad, after all.

The Avengers #23, Dec. 1965

The Avengers #23, Dec. 1965

Stan Lee, rollickin’ writer!
Don Heck, prancin’ penciller!
John Romita, dazzlin’ delineator!
Sherigail, liltin’ letterer!

Oh boy, Kang the Conqueror. Everybody’s favorite stupidly-masked time-traveling Dr. Doom-wannabe returns to take on the new lineup of the Avengers, and his plan is less coherent than ever! I think even if I didn’t absolutely loathe everything to do with time travel, I’d still think Kang was lame as all hell. And yes, it would be at least half because his outfit is retarded.

Captain America quit the Avengers last issue because he thought he was a bad leader for letting the team get split up (despite the fact that he got them back together, whatever). He goes off to be a boxing coach for “The Champ”, leaving Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch by themselves. From the future, Kang the Conqueror decides that this is the perfect time to attack the Avengers and defeat them once and for all, so he takes his time-ship back to 1965 and lands on top of Avengers Tower, disguised as another floor of the tower.

Kang captures the three remaining Avengers and takes them into the future where he tries to use their capture as a bargaining chip in his wooing of the future princess, Ravonna. Captain America hears that the Avengers had disappeared and goes back to save them by using some convenient device he had lying around that let him see that Kang captured them. Kang brings Cap into the future as well and sics his “invincible army” against the now-complete Avengers.

I’m really not sure why Kang thinks that defeating guys in goofy outfits from 2,000 years before when he’s from will impress this princess, who specifically says that she doesn’t like his whole conquering deal. Maybe that’s just all he knows how to do, is to conquer. That still doesn’t really explain why he thinks he needs to beat people from his distant past, but whatever. Kang is an idiot.

The Avengers #22, Nov. 1965

The Avengers #22, Nov. 1965

Star-Studded story by Stan Lee!
Peerless pencilling by Don Heck!
Dazzling delineation by Wally Wood!
Lonesome lettering by Artie Simek!

Welp, the Avengers are split up thanks to the scheming of the Enchantress and Power Man… oh, let’s be honest, just the Enchantress. Power Man’s just some big dumb guy with big dumb powers, stupid big dumb stupid dummy dumdum stupid idiot. Dumb. Power.

After some in-fighting, the Avengers go their separate ways. Nobody will hire Hawkeye, Quicksilver, or the Scarlet Witch for any sort of entertainment because everybody’s afraid of them, so they finally end up trying to get a job from the Ringmaster and his “Masters of Menace”. Of all people… When he asks them to help him steal things from people, they beat up the circus of crime and the cops think that they’ve attacked an innocent circus. How embarrassing, to be outsmarted by the Ringmaster.

Meanwhile, Captain America disguises himself as a fat guy and offers Power Man and the Enchantress to start their own Avengers, claiming that he was the one who broke up the old Avengers. Power Man (THE IDIOT) brags about how it was really HIS idea, and Cap gets it all on tape. The Enchantress decides she’s done with this shit and her plan’s foiled, so she magically scampers off somewhere. Without the girl Power Man thought he had a chance with, the fight goes out of him, and the Avengers win! They’re back together for good! Except… Captain America wants to quit?!

Man, seeing the Ringmaster and his Masters of Menace show up was a hilariously unwelcome surprise. I saw that guy’s goofy moustache and hat and groaned aloud. This is their fourth appearance, and it somehow manages to be even weaker than the previous (really terrible) attempts. I hope the Punisher or somebody killed those guys in the 80’s when they went around killing off lame old villains.