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The Fantastic Four #48, Mar. 1966

ff048The Fantastic Four #48, Mar. 1966

Stan Lee, writer without peer!
Jack Kirby, penciller of the year!
Joe Sinnott, inker most sincere!
Artie Simek, how’d HE get in here!


It’s been almost four months since I last read a comic book? Yeah, that sounds about right. At least I have a classic issue to come back to, The Coming of Galactus! It finally wraps up the deal with the Inhumans for now and moves on to one of the best known stories of the Fantastic Four ever. They even mangled this thing horribly for that terrible movie they made… or are we still pretending those never happened?

Maximus’ Atmo Gun creates world-wide earthquakes, which he believes will destroy the pitiful and less powerful humans, allowing the Inhumans to take over the world (under his control, of course). Turns out the earthquakes don’t do shit and that everyone still hates him, so Maximus sets the gun to reverse which constructs a Negative Zone around the secret Inhumans base and the Fantastic Four barely escape before it solidifies. Johnny’s sad because his girlfriend Crystal is stuck in the city and he’s stuck outside, but he doesn’t have very much time to pout.

On the way back home, the sky is suddenly covered in flames, and then by a thick layer of rocks. Nobody knows what’s going on until that “impartial” asshole Uatu the Watcher shows up and says that he’s responsible for the shields, which he’s trying to use to keep the Silver Surfer from noticing Earth. It does the opposite, and the Herald of Galactus lands on Earth, finds that it’s quite nice, and sends for his boss, a giant in a hilarious hat who eats planets.

So… Uatu’s original plan is to cover the planet in a WREATH OF FIRE to keep the Silver Surfer from noticing it. Not even mentioning how completely he’s thrown away his veneer of neutrality by this point, that’s maybe the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If I was a crazy space guy and I saw a ton of fire IN SPACE, I’d probably go to check it out. That shit doesn’t normally hang out in a vacuum. Also, I love Galactus’ big “G” pendant he has in this first drawing. It’s a shame he loses it.



The Fantastic Four #47, Feb. 1966

The Fantastic Four #47, Feb. 1966

Story: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby
Inking: Joe Sinnott
Lettering: Art Simek

Finally we get to see what the Great Sanctuary of the Inhumans is like! It’s… a lot like every other supervillain lair/futuristic kingdom that you get in these 60’s Marvel comics. How fucked up is my life that this is a humdrum thing I’m complaining about?

Johnny and Ben go off to subdue Dragon Man again while Reed and Sue stay in and save Triton’s life with a fire hose and Sue’s force field. Before the Seeker leaves again, Mr. Fantastic manages to sneak a tracking device on their ship, and the Fantastic Four follow the Inhumans back to their hidden sanctuary. Inside, we learn that Black Bolt’s brother Maximus has been the king while the group was away, and also that he’s evil and has an evil ray gun of some sort that’s going to kill all humans, leaving the Inhumans in charge of the whole dang place. The Fantastic Four come to visit and Maximus shoots off his big gun. I guess all the humans are dead now, oh well.

I’m not a big fan of the Inhumans stuff, however it did say that the next issue wraps it up for now and also has the coming of Galactus! WOOO GALACTUS!! Also “of note”, I guess, Susan Richards gets a new hairstyle in this issue. I don’t have much to talk about here, okay?